Would your child love to see their artwork in our gallery?

We would love to feature as many of your little artists as possible!  From mystical mermaids to incredible superheroes we want to share your child’s fabulous creations. They will love seeing their work on display and may pick up some inspiration from others.

  1. Download and print one of our free colouring pages. We have 100s of designs to choose from!
  2. Get your child to colour, paint, collage or embellish their picture. We’d love to see their creativity let loose.
  3. Take a photo of their artwork, portrait or landscape. Make sure the photo only shows the art and not your child as we will be unable to accept it.

Top Tip – Place the picture on a flat surface and make sure the artwork fills the whole photo. You could also crop the image to make sure the art goes right up to the edges. 

  • Make sure the photo is in JPG or JPEG format.

Top Tip – Most mobile phone camera software will automatically set photos to JPG or JPEG. However, social media sites, like Facebook, use different formats.

You can check this by downloading it to a computer or tablet, right-clicking on the image and selecting Properties. If it’s in the wrong format, you can change it by following these instructions;

  • Open the photo on your computer or tablet in Photo Viewer or Paint.
  • Click File then Save as.
  • Click the Save as Type drop-down menu and select JPG or JPEG.
  • Submit the photo with your child’s first name and age in the form below.
  • Come back to the Gallery to see their work displayed!

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