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Send And Receive a Letter From Santa

Great news guys! Tell your friends! After a lot of careful detective work, we have managed to get hold of Santa’s top secret email address. That means you can send your letter to Santa straight from your computer. No digging around for paper or raiding the envelope and stamp box. Even better, you will get your reply back from Santa within 7 days! So why not get your letter in and get your request to the top of his gift list.


Dear Santa Claus
                I hope that you, Mrs Claus and the elves are fit and well. I am really looking forward to Christmas and I’m trying my hardest to be the best that I can be. I hope you will love our decorations when you arrive. We try to make the house pretty and bright for you and to cheer up everyone who comes round.
I am sure you know who I am, but I also know that you are very busy, so I’ve included my information for you.

My first name is  

I am a   Boy   Girl, and I am   years old.

The street I live on is called   ,

which is in  

I think you already know this but thought it would be useful for you to plug it into your trip planner.
This year I have worked really hard to be good and I hope you will agree that I deserve a
special gift. The gift that I would most like is   .

Thank you for reading my letter.
Signed   .

P.S. I will try to put out an extra cookie for you and a juicy snack for the reindeer.

Which email address should Santa send the reply to?

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