Rainy Days Stuck Inside, With Children to Entertain. Argh!

This is my invitation to all parents to share their rainy day ideas. Spoiler alert: if you are a mum or dad needing ideas to keep the kids entertained… stay tuned and read below!! At the end of this post, you will find some incredible tips from parents who have already shared with us their ideas! As parents, we all have tricks that we save up our sleeves for when the weather is grey, and getting outdoors proves too difficult. This is more important than ever in the UK at the moment, as winter draws in and the days become shorter and shorter. And wetter and wetter. Add to the mix a global pandemic, and the need to stay home to stay safe… and well, you could say that this got me thinking.

The ideas I have to entertain my children are no doubt very different to your ideas. And your ideas are different again to someone else’s ideas. Imagine if every parent shared their number one tip on how to best entertain the kids on a rainy day… what a collection of ideas we would have! A collective library of wet day wonders. All tried and tested, now ready for you to tap into, ready to roll out when the boredom creeps in. Yes please!

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So that being said, I would like to invite you all to share with me… with us!… your favorite thing to do with your child or children on a rainy day. You might be in the UK, you could be somewhere else. Wherever in the world, you are, I would love to hear all about your wet weather activities. It doesn’t have to be fancy (in fact, sometimes the simpler the better!), it doesn’t have to be too long of a description, and of course, photos would be welcomed to help bring your idea to life for the rest of us. Stuck for inspiration of what idea or activity to submit? Remember that your usual, go-to activities are novel and exciting to someone else. That thing that you have been doing every other day for 3 months now is brand new to the next family. So go on…. Share it with us!

Here are some categories that may help you get started:

Physical activities

We know that our children need to move and that they need physical activity. This is well researched and widely acknowledged. But… how do you do this? What fun games do you play that get the kids up and moving?

Arts and craft activities

Developing that fine motor control is so important for children. And children really enjoy using their creative side of the brain. So are you a glitter guru? Let us know.


Some children have such vivid imaginations. What set-ups or activities do you find can harness and tap into your child’s imagination?

Get baking

Entertainment for the children AND a snack to have with lunch?! Yes please! We would love to hear what recipes or ideas your children love doing in the kitchen.

Quieter activities

Does your child love a DIY treasure hunt? Or maybe a homemade puzzle? Let us know and let’s all work together to entertain the children!

To share your idea, simply fill in the foam below.

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Your Rainy Day Tips

Sam, Mum of 3.

I am lucky enough to have quiet and creative kids but it doesn’t quite make up for the fact that on a rainy day, I need to keep my little heads busy. One of their absolute favorite things to do is go on a treasure hunt in our home; every riddle answer leads to the spot of a new riddle and after 5 or 6 of those, which can take some time because my youngest is 5 and the rule is for them to play as a team, they find a “treasure” made of a cartoon and some biscuits and fruit to eat while watching
I also really like to exacerbate their creative thinking and always have a good full stock of paint or modeling clay so that they can express themselves. It is important for me to allow them to let all the energy out one way or another and art is a great way to proceed when you can’t go have a walk because of the weather. I will assign them to do a portrait of our family, our dog, or their friends and sometimes give them color assignments and try to develop their creative and observational skills with color mixing or pattern making.

Sammy, mum of 3.

In the mornings when we take a look outside and see that the clouds are dark and rain is set to stay for the day, I keep a little trick up my sleeve. A boredom buster that is delivered, straight to my door, with thanks to Amazon. The packet of nappies that I had delivered came in a box. Not just any box. A box that is just begging to be transformed into a pirate ship, ready to sail the rough seas. With a set of markers and some packing tape, we can go on an adventure, dodging sharks and diving for sunken treasure boxes. If I am feeling creative, I might even try to craft a plank out of a spare piece of cardboard. Now the kids are walking the plank and diving into the deep, blue sea. Look out for that school of fish!

The next thing you know, the older two children, aged 3 and 4, have fashioned pirate outfits from some tea towels waiting in the clean laundry pile. They are now entertaining themselves, having a whale of a time playing with their ship. Meanwhile, I have made myself a nice cup of tea, and have my feet up for 5 minutes. Thank you, Mr. Delivery Driver.

Sharon Freemantle

We do art and crafts or baking. We get paints, pens, crayons, glue the works. We also do a lot of baking sponges cupcakes pasties. The messier the merrier. But that’s part of the fun because we are clear up together. Packing everything away and washing and wiping everything down.

Garry Lee, dad of a great 9 year old son and 6 year old daughter.

First up, let’s make sure the kids are on board with the plan, it is no fun otherwise.

Start with TV time in pyjamas, no rush to get changed if we are not going outside.

Open with crafts, it allows for drying time if that is needed. I suggest using up all those old presents received at birthday parties. You know the ones, decorate a pencil case with sequins, bracelet making or build a cardboard dinosaur – the ones that you assumed you would never use when you got them!Baking next, as you might as well get something for yourself. The current favourite in our house is a marbled muffin, chocolate and lemon, genuinely nice and easy for the kids to help with.

After lunch, we move to board games, which is the challenge of keeping the kids engaged if they are not winning. Personally, I recommend Genius Square and Labyrinth as ones that engage and my 9 year old can beat me at.We love ending with movie night. Replicate a cinema trip for a fraction of the cost. Popcorn containers, jars for different sweets to create pick n mix and most importantly, don’t stop the movie when someone needs to go to the toilet.

So that is what our rainy day looks like.

Rainy Day with Kids

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