Printable Medium Level Sudoku Puzzles

Printable Medium Level Sudoku Puzzles

Finding the puzzles on the first page too easy? Then it’s time to take the next step on your way to sudoku stardom! Grab your favourite HB pencil, put on your luckiest socks and affix your very best thinking cap — you’ll need all your skills to beat the puzzles coming up!

Though the difficulty level of these puzzles is a little higher, the rules are the same — working through the grid methodically and keeping your cool still goes a long way! Once you’ve prepared the perfect plan of action, download all the grids you need here.

Sudoku benefits

However well you’re getting on with those tricky new puzzles, it can sometimes be a good idea to take a quick breather and refocus. Before you get stuck into another round of grid-filling, have a read about some of the benefits that learning sudoku can bring. You’ll be raring to start another game in no time!

  • Improved concentration levels: Goldfish levels of attention span won’t cut it in sudoku; you need real focus if you’re going to accurately fill in each grid square! The ability to concentrate can help you in everyday life outside of sudoku, be it keeping focus on the road during a long drive or finishing up a particularly pesky homework task.
  • Versatile: One of the beauties of sudoku is that you can play it alone or with friends (and in almost any location!). That means that you can make it as competitive or as chilled as you like. If you enjoy a friendly (or not so friendly!) rivalry with a sibling, why not challenge them to see who can complete a grid the fastest? Or if you’d rather unwind after a tough day, it can be just as fun to go it alone and have a game at a slightly gentler pace!

However you like to play sudoku, it’s no mean feat to conquer a grid! When you’re done with all the puzzles on this page, you’re ready to move on to the fiendish final challenge…


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