Printable Hard Level Sudoku Puzzles

Printable Hard Sudoku Puzzles

This is it — the big leagues! The final boss. The ultimate playground for pencil-wielding sudoku powerhouses like yourself! The sudoku grids on this page have been built to test your skills to their very limits. You’ve got two options: the cross at the top right-hand corner of your browser, or downloading the puzzles here and giving them your very best shot!

Your (now usual) reminder that even though the sudoku grid might have fewer numbers filled in than before, the same keys to success apply. Resist the temptation to rely on any guesswork and remember to keep a cool head— if you can do that, you’re sure to rack up those sweet, sweet completions.

Extra hints and tips

As these sudokus are super difficult, it’d be no surprise if you need a little extra help. Here’s a couple of things that you can try if you’re having trouble:

  • Don’t be afraid to revisit areas if you’ve found a relevant clue. Say you’ve narrowed down a grid square (let’s call it square A) to numbers 1 or 2. If you later conclude that the number 1 appears elsewhere on the same row, you know that square A should be a 2. Ah, the process of elimination at work!
  • Use the edges of each square. The sides and corners of a sudoku square are much-overlooked real estate. If you’re not certain about which number should go in the middle of a square, you can note down possibilities at the edge instead. You’re best off with a pencil for this job, or else things could get a bit smudgy!  

Though you’ve reached the end of the sudoku puzzles on this site, there’s a whole other world of sudoku out there! Click through to have a browse of some sudoku books stocked by our partners. Or if you’ve rather try something else entirely, we have a huge range of other exciting games and puzzles available here!


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