Free Santa Claus Letter Template ( 5 Letters To Choose From )

Christmas is coming! I am sure you know a wonderful little boy or girl who would love more than anything to receive a letter from Father Christmas himself! Look no further… I have taken all of the hard work out of it for you, and created a step-by-step tutorial to help you create your child’s own personalized letter from Santa! I really hope your child loves receiving this special letter Santa Claus Letter, and I have added a bonus download which you can also personalize at the very end of this tutorial to make this Christmas truly magical.

Step 1.

The first thing to do is download the blank Santa letter template background which you can find below.
DOWNLOAD– Click the image, then right-click and select “save image as”.

Santa Claus Letter Template

Step 2.

Next select one of the Santa letter templates, which can be found at the bottom of the page. Select and copy the text, as we will be pasting it onto our blank template at (To select all of the text, hold the left mouse button down at the beginning of the letter and drag the mouse pointer all the way to the bottom of the letter. Then right-click and select ‘copy’)

Step 3.

Head over to This is where we are going to edit the letter and insert the text.

Step 4.

Open the blank Santa letter template that was downloaded in Step 1. To do this simply click on ‘open image’ and then find the location of the blank template and select it.

Edit Santa Claus Letter Template

You will now see the screen below. Make sure you select the ‘original size’ option and then click ‘apply’. This will open the blank letter in the background.

Edit Image in Pixlr

Step 5.

We now need to select the T tool. This will allow us to paste our letter which we copied in Step 2.

Background Image for the santa Letter

Once you click on the T button, it should look like the image below. Now click the ‘add new text’ option.

Editing Santa Letter

Once you clicked ‘add new text’, this will open up the page below. All you need to do here is to paste the Santa letter which we copied in Step 2. Don’t forget to delete the text which is already in the text box! Next right click in the text box and select ‘paste’. This will paste your Santa letter on to the background.

Adding Text to the Santa Letter

Step 6.

Now it is time to personalize the letter with your child’s details. Just edit the text like you would in any text editor.

Step 7.

You can change the colour of the text from white to black, and also move and resize it. The image below will help you with this. Tip: a good size for the text is 45.

Final Touch for the Santa Lettter

Step 8.

Once you are happy with your letter, it’s time to save it and download it. Click the blue save button at the bottom of the screen. This will open up the save options as shown below. Make sure you select the jpeg option and also make sure the quality is set to high 100%. Now click the ‘download’ button and your completed letter will be downloaded to your computer. All you need to do now is print that masterpiece off!

The Final The Letter from Santa

I hope that you enjoyed the above tutorial. I have a special treat for you now! How would you also like to create a Nice Certificate? Your child will absolutely love it. I have added the blank background below… all you have to do is add your child’s name. You do this the same way as you did the Santa letter above.

The Santa Claus Letter for your Kids

Santa Letters

Santa letter 1
Ho, Ho, Ho, Name

This is your friend, Santa Claus, with a special letter for you from my home at the North Pole. Christmas is coming soon, Name of Child, and we’re busy here in Santa-Land. The elves are working hard to finish making toys for good little boys and girls like you! The reindeer are eating many bales of hay so they’ll have the energy to fly and pull my heavy sleigh on Christmas Eve. And of course, Mrs. Claus is here, too, baking lots of tasty cookies for us all. Mrs. Claus and I are happy to see your name on the “Good Children” list, Name of Child! Thank you for behaving so well during the past year.

The elves have created some wonderful gifts that are perfect for a/an age-year-old boy or girl like you. I see that you’ve asked for a toy requested by the child. Of course, Santa never promises anything, but if you continue to be good, I’ll do my best to deliver your toy requested by the child to you on Christmas Eve. Meanwhile, the reindeer can’t wait to fly our sleigh to Name of Child’s Town and deliver your gifts. If you wish, on Christmas Eve you may put out an apple or a carrot as a treat for the reindeer: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzer, and that other one, with the bright red nose. Do you remember his name? I knew you would! It’s Rudolph, of course.

It would be brilliant if you could leave a treat for me, too, as I get hungry delivering toys all over Name of Child’s Area, e.g., Wales or Cornwall. Thank you, Name of Child! I must end now because the elves are calling me to inspect the toys they’re making. Don’t stay up too late on Christmas Eve, because you know the reindeer won’t land until the children in Name of Child’s Town are all fast asleep. We’ll be very quiet when we arrive at your house at Name Child’s Street. I can’t wait to see your Christmas decorations! In closing, all of us here at the North Pole with you and your friends and family a lovely Christmas, Name of Child! Your friend always, Santa Claus

Santa letter 2

Merry Christmas, (child’s name)!

It is Santa here! I was just sitting down to my nice hot chocolate with Mrs. Claus, and we were reading over this year’s Nice List. I am so excited to tell you that you are on the list this year! You have been a very good boy/ girl all year. I hope you are feeling very proud of yourself, I know we are. I wonder if it was (achievement) that got you on the list? Or maybe it was the time you (achievement). Either way, well done! Oh, this hot chocolate is so delicious and keeping us nice and toasty. It is cold here in the North Pole! What do you do to keep warm in (location of the house)? I am hoping Mrs. Claus knits me a new pair of mittens this year, as my old pair has a tiny hole in them. What is on your Christmas list this year? Hold on, let me have a look!

How lovely! I see that you have asked me for a (toy requested) this year. I will check in with the head elf in our toy workshop to see how that is coming along. I am sure it is almost ready! I will make sure we leave it for you (location requested). I am sure that you will be tucked up all cozy in bed when the reindeer and I deliver your presents! Oh, that reminds me! I must remember to pack my extra warm red coat for the sleigh ride! I have seen on my Nice List that you are (age) years old this December. I remember when I was that age, and just how excited I was about Christmas time. What a magical time it will be for you. There is nothing more special than cuddling up around the Christmas tree with your family and enjoying the magic of Christmas together.

Keep warm, keep safe, and above all, stay kind.

Love Santa

PS Rudolf says thanks for the (food) you left him last year!

Santa letter 3

Dear (child’s name),

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, all the way from the North Pole! I am just home from taking Rudolf, Dasher, Prancer and all the other reindeer for a quick sleigh ride to make sure everything is working as it should be for the big night! I thought I would take a break and write you a nice letter to tell you all about it.

The reindeer were so fast! I just sat down, and whoosh! We were off. The silver bells that Mrs Claus attached to the reindeer were jingling away. What a sound! And Rudolf’s nose is oh so bright. It really does guide us through the night so well. I am so proud of all my reindeer- they work so hard to make sure all the children get their presents on Christmas Day.

I see that your mum and or dad is/are very proud of you too! I have on my list that you have been working very hard at (achievements) this year. Well done! What a brilliant (age of child) year old boy/ girl you are! Ho Ho Ho!

We have had a new Elf starting with us this year. His name is Frank Evergreen. He is such a delightful elf, and the way he wraps presents is absolutely wonderful! I see on my list that you are hoping for a (present request). I will leave it (location requested) for you! I bet Frank will do a great job wrapping that up for you. I will make sure it is popped into my big red sack and loaded carefully onto the sleigh on Christmas night.

I just love the magic of Christmas. It is so special in every way. I hope you enjoy it more than ever this year. Best go and feed the reindeer, they have quite the appetite, you know!

Keep well, stay kind, and Merry Christmas.

Lots of love,

Father Christmas/ Santa

PS Rudolf says thanks for the (food) you left out for the reindeer last year!

Santa letter 4

Dearest (child’s name),

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas all the way from the North Pole!

I am just so excited for Christmas this year, more so than any other year! Christmas is such a special time to spend with the people you love. Your mum and/or dad have told me that you are wanting a (requested present) this year! What an excellent choice! I had a similar toy myself when I was (age of the child) years old! I will make sure I get everything safely down the chimney/through the front door ready for you to open up on Christmas Day.

I popped in to see the elves in the toy workshop yesterday. I like to make sure everything is running smoothly and going to plan. It is a bit different this year, seeing all those elves washing their hands all the time, and wearing their little face masks! Mrs. Claus has been so busy sewing up face masks for everybody. They are all Christmas themed, of course! She made me a really special one. It is a red and green mask with pretty little rainbows on each side. The elves are also having to keep their distance from one another! Mind you, they are still working together so well, and I am ever so proud of them.

I know it has been a bit of a different year, but the great news is that it will make this Christmas even more special. The other fantastic news is I know you have been such a good boy/ girl this year, and you are on my list indeed. Well done, (name of child)! I have been meaning to say thank you ever so much for the delicious (name of food) you left out for me last year. It is always such a welcome sight to see a little snack waiting for me and the reindeer. It is a very long night, after all!

Well, I must be off. Sending lots of Christmas magic your way.

Stay kind, be well, and keep washing your hand!

Love Father Christmas/ Santa

Santa letter 5

Dearest (name of child),

It is Santa here. Wishing you a very Happy Christmas all the way from the North Pole.

It is really not long until the Big Day. I must say, I am getting very excited indeed. What have you been doing to prepare? Earlier, I popped our gingerbread in the oven. Mrs. Claus and I will make our gingerbread house tonight! It is a tradition we do every year, and we enjoy it ever so much. Mrs. Claus is in charge of cutting the gingerbread to make the walls of the house, and then we use candy and sweeties to decorate it. Do you make a gingerbread house at Christmas time? I must admit, once or twice a sweetie has made its way to my mouth before it can be used as a decoration! I wonder what your favorite Christmas treat is?

While we were waiting for our gingerbread to cook, Mrs. Claus and I decided to have a quick look at the Christmas list. This is the master list of all the good children in the world, and what they would like for Christmas. I bet you can imagine it is a very, very long list! But I managed to find your name in the boy/girl column and saw that you are wanting (present requested) this Christmas. What a fine choice! I also see that you are (age) years old, and have been working very hard at (achievement) this year! Well done!

When we have finished decorating our gingerbread house, we always put it somewhere where everyone can admire it. It is always so pretty, the fondant finished windows, the path leading up to the house. But the nicest thing about the gingerbread house is sharing it! We invite all the elves to come into our home and enjoy it with us. We talk about all the special things that have happened during the year. It is such a pleasure to spend such a lovely time with special people (or elves!) in your life. Christmas is truly such a magical time in every way.

Anyways, off to sample a candy cane! Don’t tell Mrs Claus!

Stay kind,

Love Father Christmas/Santa

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