Free Printable I Spy Worksheets For Kids

Free Printable I Spy Worksheets For Kids

Free Printable I Spy Worksheets For Kids. It seems strange for such a simple thing but ‘I spy’ has been shown to have multiple benefits for children. It can help to boost memory, increase language capacity, enhance sight and a whole host of other benefits.

We’ve all been there as a kid: stuck on a boring car journey that seems to last forever and we’ve all resorted to an endless game of ‘I spy’ to alleviate the boredom. Of course, nowadays, there is so much technology and so many gadgets to keep children placated. However, as studies have shown, sometimes those old ways may be the best ways!

So, if you’re looking for something that will keep your child busy and away from screens, our printable I Spy worksheets are the ideal solution! Designed to be highly accessible, they provide an activity that is educational, interactive and – most of all – fun! They can be completed alone, with parents, siblings, or friends. They will introduce your child to the many wonderful things they are surrounded by in a way that is engaging and, most importantly, beneficial to your child’s development.


Kids are incredibly curious about the world around them. These worksheets contain many different animals, plants, vehicles, and so much more. They can be a valuable educational tool for any parent and child alike. Whilst these can be done alone, they can also be a great tool for parents and kids to do together. In something as simple as your back garden, these provide an opportunity for you to teach your child in a way that’s both accessible and fun.


Once your child has found the items, why not use it as an opportunity to take a closer look? That way, they have the added benefit of, not only engaging in their findings, but also a great opportunity to bond with their parents, too. Maybe even gather up some of the items they find for a nature table or keep a scrap-book? Though, we should say, we do not advise doing this with foxes, bears or any other wildlife!


Whilst ‘I spy’ can be used a laid-back and stress-free way for our children to learn about the world, it is also a really neat and effective way of helping them develop various skills. This is super-important for young children, as it will help them grow in confidence and enjoy learning, and the basic premise of ‘I spy’ is an enticing and interactive way to develop a child’s reading, cognitive and visual skills. The added bonus of our activity sheets is that the hard work of finding interesting and fun things to “spy” has already been done – all’s your child need worry about is finding the answers and enjoying themselves!

Great Fun Alone; Great Fun As A Team!

Following on from the previous point, ‘I spy’ is also great at nurturing and developing a child’s social skills. Our activity sheets are a simple and handy way of keeping multiple children busy for when you need to do a spot of housework or gardening! A good idea could be to print out multiple copies of the same sheet and allow kids to work at their own pace. This is a great exercise in teaching children how to respect each other’s differences as some are bound to move quicker than others. On the other hand, you could print a single sheet out and encourage them to work together – teaching them the value of teamwork and helping one another.

Our Free Printable I Spy Worksheets For Kids Are Good For All Seasons; All Weathers

Whether it’s at the local park or while looking out of a rainy window on that boring car journey, these activity sheets are an engaging way for children to appreciate their surroundings. The activities are helpfully compiled by different seasons and weathers in striking colours that reflect what your child will be able to see around them. Handily assorted into helpful themes, your child’s imagination will be gripped by just how many things they can discover in any place and at any time. These are a great companion to any winter hike in the woods or sunbathe at the beach. We’ve even created one for visits to the zoo!

And Much More!

Alongside our nature-themed I Spy’s, we have also created some that are excellent for those more boring moments. Our garden themed printable is especially handy for those wet and/ or lazy days when being stuck inside can be tortuous for little ones! That’s not all, neither. Remember those long, boring car journeys we mentioned earlier? Well, you can keep your children just as busy using our printable transport I Spy!

All of our printable I Spy activities are at a level that children, young and old, will be able to enjoy. What’s more, they can be a real incentive for kids to go outdoors and discover all the wonderful things that most (adults included!) miss every day. In an age when there is so much entertainment centred around instant gratification and an endless stream of information and tasks, something as simple as our printable I Spy activities can be a real breath of fresh air for children. Upon completion, they will feel a real sense of accomplishment and get to enjoy the satisfaction of completing a task they find interesting whilst, all the while, learning.

Great for education and great as recreation, children will love the element of discovery that such things produce whilst the colourful imagery will capture their imaginations. This is all packaged with a checklist at the bottom of each activity to check off everything they’ve spied – making it more accessible to children everywhere. So, if you’re looking for something that’s lightweight and easy to take with you on journeys (or easy to tidy away at home!) which is also fun, engaging, interactive, and will keep little ones busy for hours, look no further!

All of our Free Printable I Spy Worksheets For Kids can be downloaded below – all you need is a printer, some pens or pencils to fill the sheets in and as many curious kids as you can handle!

Thanks for checking out our Free Printable I Spy Worksheets For Kids.

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