Free and Fun Printable Colouring Pages for Kids and Adults

Free and Fun Printable Colouring Pages for Kids and Adults

As a dad of two, I know the struggle when it comes to finding things to do during downtime with the kids. Weekends. Half Term. Summer Holidays. Lockdown! Whilst most parents find it hard enough to fill this time, it’s even harder if you are trying to avoid your kids just sitting in front of a TV, iPad, or some other electronic device. Finding interesting and simple activities for the children is always tough, which is where the inspiration for our downloadable coloring pages came from.

These printable colouring pages find the perfect balance between being fun, easy to use, full of variety and genuinely being good for the kids – and as a dad that’s a winner for me. You can select from so many different pages; we have Disney colouring pages, dinosaur colouring pages (including baby dinosaurs) and a whole range of zoo animal colouring pages (swinging monkeys, sneaky snakes and roaring lions). If you are after something a little more festive, download our Christmas colouring pages or maybe try something a little more dangerous with our pirates and knights colouring pages.

Colouring is proven to be good for your child’s development, so not only are these pages a great way of keeping our kids entertained on something other than computer games, they add genuine benefits – what parent doesn’t want to tick all those boxes. They are also a free resource; you just need access to a printer. Click on the links below, download your page of choice, and print. Hand to your little ones, give them pens, pencils, or crayons, and off they go. Quick, simple, and free. Also, as a dad running his own business, I don’t get the luxury of booking time off right now, and whilst that might not be the same for you, I’m guessing at times you are busy and would benefit from some activities that require little parental involvement. So, these free printable coloring pages are perfect for your busy lives, whilst ensuring that the kids are still doing something that’s good for their development.

And they are good for our kid’s development. The best thing for me is concentration. If your children are anything like mine, they will constantly be looking towards the next activity, the next program, the next game. What these coloring pages have been designed to do is keep them engaged for a longer period, which is a great way of improving their levels of concentration. The other great pleasure is that sense of pride it gives them at the end and it can go on display. Due to the quality of the drawings, you’ll have great artwork to put up on the wall or attach to the fridge and I think all parents would give a thumbs up to improving the quality of the artwork they have to decorate the house with!

So, what have we got for you? A lot already and more to come.

Below we’ve added the first round of the options available for you and more are being added all the time, so keep checking back for more options. We’ve even included a Christmas selection, as I know how much my kids love colouring in Christmas pictures. In fact, what we find is that we end up putting them into the cards that go out to Grandma’s, Grandpops and Nana, they make a fantastic extra present for relatives, who love getting artwork from the grandkids and proudly adding it to their fridge.

Enough already, show me the pages so we can start colouring…

Printable Colouring Pages

Fairy Colouring Pages

Download one of the many different fairy pages which we have for you. You’ll find Disney fairy, princess fairies, and even a Tinkerbelle fairy coloring page. So, download our printable fairy pages now. And remember, these don’t have to just be for kids, these fairy pages are for adults too!
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Unicorn Colouring Pages

We have a variety of downloadable and printable unicorn pages for you to choose from, baby unicorns, winged unicorns, and of course, my daughters’ favorite, those rainbow unicorn coloring pages! Have a look through the many different printable pages and find the one for your kids.
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Princess Colouring Page

My daughter will love coloring in these princess drawings. You have traditional princesses in their castles, as well as some of their favorite Disney princesses coloring pages, all wearing beautiful princess dresses to print and color.
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Zoo Animals Colouring Book

We have a great collection of jungle animal coloring pages including the king of the jungle himself, as well as parrots and zebras. We even have some cute zoo animals like turtles and pandas ready to be printed and colored in.
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Dinosaur Colouring Page

We have a great selection of free dinosaur pages for you to download, all your kid’s favorite dinosaurs can be found, the dominant T-Rex, flying pterodactyls, and some classic long neck dinosaurs like a brontosaurus. They are all so cute, it looks like the movie set from The Good Dinosaur!
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Christmas Colouring Page

We couldn’t have a coloring page without adding some festive favorites, like Santa and his elves. The snowman is here and we’ve even got reindeer and the gingerbread man, all ready to download and color in.
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Pirates and Knights Colouring Page

Who are you going to print first, the lovable rogue pirates or the heroes of our story, the brave knights? The pirates have treasured for you to color in, whilst you’ll find the knights of yore riding on their trusty horse.
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Butterfly Colouring Page

I know my kids love coloring these butterfly pages, they are probably the most beautiful pages we have, with so much detail they are a real treat for your kids to download and color in, many of them with lovely flowers in the background.
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