Fun Dominoes Game – Free Downloadable Printable Dominoes pdf

Are you searching for a fun and engaging game that helps your kids with learning too? How about you try the dominoes game? Do not worry if you do not have dominoes tiles. JustFamilyFun has downloadable printable dominoes pdf that you can easily download, print out and start playing.

Dominoes is a great choice for a game for your home or classroom as it keeps children entertained as well as sneaks in a bit of Mathematics learning too. 

What is Dominoes?

Dominoes is a tile-based game that can be played by 2-4 players. It played with playing pieces known as dominoes. A domino is a rectangular tile with a straight line dividing its face into two equal square sections. Each square section is marked with several dots (sometimes called spots or pips) having some common pattern.

The playing pieces form a domino set, also called a pack or a deck. The European-style domino set has 28 tiles, sometimes known as cards, rocks, pieces, bones, men, stones, or just dominoes. These tiles feature all combinations of dot counts between 0 and 6 (Check out our printable dominoes template). A round of dominoes usually lasts less than 15 minutes.

How to Play Dominoes?

There are various ways to play dominoes. Here is a simple set of rules for dominoes for families with young children:

  • Open our ‘downloadable printable dominoes PDF’, download it and print out the sheet, cut all the 28 dominoes out.
  • Put the dominoes face down and shuffle them. If there are more than 2 players, each player must choose 5 dominoes. Each player must hold the dominoes in such a way that its face is hidden from the other players.
  • Help young children count the dots on their chosen dominoes to make them familiar with the dominoes.
  • Determine if your game will have one round or if the final winner will be decided by the total points achieved over numerous rounds. The total score includes all the dots on all the dominoes remaining in the hand of other players.
  • Each player should draw a random domino, the one who has the highest number of dots will go first. The order of playing this game is decided by the seating arrangement and can be counter-clockwise or clockwise.
  • The first player will choose a domino and place it down on the table. Count the dots on each end of the domino to make the young ones understand that they must match that number.
  • Now, the next player will choose a domino from his hand that is like at least one end of the domino at the table. The player can lay the chosen domino end-to-end or at right angles (the joined sides must match). Each player must follow this when it’s their turn.
  • If a player has no matching domino that can be played, he must pick a domino from the draw pile. If there is no domino left in the draw pile, the player must pass without making any move.
  • Help the younger ones by making them observe the moves of others and help them decide their moves. For instance, if they can match an end with 3 dots, point to the domino in play on the table, and count the dots loudly. Then, ask them to look for dominoes in their hands that match the domino in play.
  • Keep playing rounds until one player has the required total score to win the game.

What are the Benefits of Playing Dominoes?

Dominoes is not only a quick and fun game to play, but it also gives children an opportunity to practice their numeracy skills. Playing dominoes can help your children do the calculations quickly and accurately as they learn torecognise the number of dots on the dominoes.

Ready to Start Playing?

If you are ready to play dominoes with young ones, visit the link to the downloadable printable dominoes pdf and get started! Please feel free to let us know how you and your family or students enjoy it. We would love to hear from you. 

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