Create Your Own Personalised Family Tree Plaque 2

Create Your Own Personalised Family Tree Plaque

Create your own personalised family tree plaque This simple project will produce a beautiful keepsake to hang in the family home. Use one of our stunning Family Tree Templates to develop your own piece of artwork. You could use this as a prompt to talk to your children about the family roots, or other family members, or about what makes your family so special. This project also makes a wonderful gift for relatives, especially if they are missing their kisses and cuddles.

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Materials and tools you will need for this Personalised Family Tree plaque:

  • Black foam board
  • Photo paper
  • Spray adhesive
  • Double-sided sticky foam pads
  • Printer
  • Computer with an internet connection
  • Craft knife
  • Ruler

Step 1.

The first thing you will need to do is download a Family Tree Template. I have designed 5 for you to choose from, so take your pick!
To download right click and choose “save as”

Black Template I Brown Template l Grey Template I Muti Template I White Template

Step 2.

We now need to go to This is where we are going to add your personalised family names.

Step 3.

Once you are at Pixar, you need to click on ‘Open Image’. Find the Family Tree Template you downloaded, select it and click ‘open’

Create Your Own Personalised Family Tree Plaque

Step 4.

Now it’s time to add your family members’ names! You can add as many as you like around the tree.
To do this we need to click the ‘T’option on the left side panel, and this will open the text editor. Click ‘add more text’.

Step 1 to create Personalised Family Tree Plaque
Create Personalised Family Tree Plaque with Pixlr

Step 5.

Now simply add your family’s names by typing each into the text box. You will find lots of options here, but I nomally just use the font and size options. Once you have written a name, you will see it appear on the family tree. Now you can change the font and size to suit your needs. And once you are happy with the font and size, you can move the name by holding the left mouse button over it and drag it to the position you would like it to go.

Edit the design of Family Tree
Family Tree Plaque design is getting ready

Step 6.

Now it is time to add the other family member’s names. This is simple… all you need to do is right-click the first name you just created and select ‘duplicate layer’. of Personalised Family Tree
This will make a duplicate layer. Simply hold the mouse over the first name, and drag it by holding down the left mouse button and you will see the duplicate layer. Now change the name to another family member the same way as you did previously. Follow these steps to create all your family names, and space them around the tree.

Few Final Touch for the Plaque

Step 7.

Once you are happy with the layout, click ‘save’. Make sure you you change the quality to 100% and select jpeg. Once this is done you can now click ‘download’.

Final touch for the Personalised Family Tree Plaque
Download the Personalised Family Tree Plaque

Step 8.

You can now print your family tree. I’m not going to get into much detail about this because everyone has a different printer! Just follow your printer’s instructions and make sure you select the best printing quality.

Print the Personalised Family Tree Plaque

Step 9.

Now you need to trim your Family Tree Template.

Cut the Personalised Family Tree Plaque

Step 10.

Grab your foam board, and cut out a 20cm x 20cm square. This might be best for mum or dad to do!

Make it ready

Step 11.

In this step, we are going to mount the paper to the foam board. To do this, spray the foam board with adhesive spray. Turn the printed design upside down and place the sticky side of the foam board on top. Press down on it for a couple of minutes.

Spray Paint for Family Tree
Final Step

Step 12.

The second to last step is to trim the edges. Be careful not to cut the foaming boar!

Create Your Own Personalised Family Tree Plaque 8

Step 13.

Now we have got to add our double-sided sticky foam pads, this is so we can stick them to the wall. All finished! A lovely craft project that the whole family can admire.

Add the Double Sided tape
Personalised Family Tree Plaque is Ready

Easy as that.

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